By Greg Warren MP

12 March 2024

Mr GREG WARREN (Campbelltown) (19:20): I am humbled to acknowledge the Campbelltown Local Woman of the Year, Ms Sue McGarrity. She is an amazing woman, not just because of her 15 years as an educator with the Department of Education—and even through to the departmental level—but because of her heavy involvement with 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur since its formation in 2005. Sue has served as deputy chairperson and secretary since 2006, and she works tirelessly to support this great cause and the team of volunteers to bring world‑class cancer treatment facilities to the Macarthur area. She has also done a whole heap of other things, particularly as secretary of the Macarthur Collegians Bridge Club—a position she has held for a number of years. She can be found every Thursday morning honing her skills and enjoying the community that she is an integral part of. Sue is a wonderful woman and a great representation of the many wonderful women in Campbelltown.