About Greg

Greg was born and raised in Dubbo, Central West NSW where he lived until enlisting in the Australian Regular Army at the age of seventeen, serving in both the Royal Australian Infantry Corp and Royal Australian Corp of Transport.

He is the middle of three sons to Robyn and Mary Warren. His father was a hospital maintenance worker and his mother a disability care worker after a long career with Telecom spanning over three decades. Both his parents are now retired and continue to reside in Dubbo.

Greg’s upbringing, combined with his parents’ line of work, was a major influence in forming his passion for public services, supporting working families and the importance of fair and equitable access to services and education.

Greg during military service

Greg is an ex-serviceman, having served in the Australian Regular Army for 8 years during peacetime as an infantry soldier, transport soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). He served in various capacities, including as a marksman, paratrooper, radio operator, rifleman, and transport operator as well as a short stint as an instructor at the Ingleburn Military Camp. After his discharge from the military, Greg moved to Campbelltown and worked as a truck driver whilst undertaking his business studies. Greg lives in Campbelltown, having raised his two children, Bailey and Darcy who were both born in Campbelltown Hospital

It’s not hard to grasp why our community does, and always will, hold a special place in my heart.

There is no better place to raise our two boys than in Campbelltown and the Macarthur region.


Greg studied Business with a focus on strategic planning, globalisation and social economics. He completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) as an Alumnus of the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) and has remained a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) since his induction in 2017.

While completing his studies, Greg worked a number of jobs to pay his own way and support his family, including as a fuel operator and truck driver carting coal up and down Appin Road. His first-hand knowledge of the notorious road further enhanced his understanding of the importance of upgrading local roads and major arterials – like the Appin road among others.

Greg's time as a truck driver helps him understand the importance of good local roads

Greg has been a strong advocate for Campbelltown and the broader Macarthur region over many years, since he and Simone established themselves in the region. He has held several positions – including a director of the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce – and has had long associations with several local groups and organisations including the veteran community among others. He is proudly an honorary member of the East Campbelltown Eagles Junior Rugby League Football Club and patron of the Macarthur Justices Association and Macarthur Vietnam Veterans Association.

 Greg is proudly a grassroots Member of Parliament - from the community, for the community. He joined the Labour movement and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) after his discharge from the military and upon joining the civil workforce. He was elected as the Labor Member for Campbelltown in March 2015, with a swing of more than 14%, unseating his Liberal predecessor with an overwhelming endorsement from his community. Greg reflected on his election at that time:


“The community of Campbelltown has given me and my family so much, and it is a privilege to be able to give something back –

I am very aware that with great privilege comes great responsibility, a privilege I will never take for granted”


More broadly, Greg has a fundamental belief in social justice, equality, compassion, liberty and enterprise to advance the lives and aspirations of communities and families.

“Our enduring values were born from the collective struggle for better living conditions dating back to the late 19th century. I strongly believe in our progressive and reformist tradition, and in the continuing pursuit of a society that values our security, fairness, environmental sustainability and equality”.

“This was one of my strongest motivations to enter public life and I feel should be the most imperative element and primary fundamental of any public representative. A fair go for all and an unwavering and unconditional pursuit to make the lives of those you are privilege to represent a little better tomorrow than today”.

Prior to entering the NSW Parliament, Greg was a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and two term Camden Councillor, with a strong and consistent passion for fighting to ensure local families, businesses and community groups got the services, facilities and infrastructure they deserved.

In 2019, Greg was re-elected to the Parliament of NSW receiving a further swing of 9.7% in his favour, securing his seat with a 17% margin. Greg went to the election focused on improving health and education services, infrastructure and public transport. He said the overwhelming support from the community showed that residents felt the same way. Greg has vowed to continue to fight and advocate for those improvements and to serve the people of Campbelltown without prejudice or reservation.

In July 2019, Greg was appointed to the Shadow front bench by NSW Labor Leader, Jodi McKay. Greg was appointed as the Shadow Minister for Local Government, the Shadow Minister for Veterans and the Shadow Minister for Western Sydney. As a former mayor, former member of the army and current resident of Western Sydney, all three portfolios are close to Greg's heart.

In 2023 Greg was re-elected to the Parliament of NSW with a swing of 7.3%. He was appointed to the Parliamentary Secretary Roles for Education and Early Learning, Western Sydney and to the Deputy Premier. Greg continues to campaign for the people of Campbelltown on the issues of transport, education, health and the environment.