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As a Member of the Legislative Assembly representing Campbelltown in the NSW Parliament, Greg Warren is passionate about the Parliament, its history, and its future. 


The Parliament of New South Wales is Australia's first and oldest Parliament, and is located in Macquarie Street  in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).
After the migration of the convict colony by the British in 1788 (into the occupied land of First Nations Australians),  The NSW Parliament was founded in 22 May 1856

The Parliament of New South Wales was the first of the Australian colonial legislatures At the time New South Wales was a British colony under the control of the Governor. A small, appointed Legislative Council began meeting in 1824 to advise the Governor on legislative matters.
It has a bicameral structure, meaning two houses a Legislative Assembly and a Legislative Council.

The Parliament building was originally built on the orders of Governor Lachlan Macquarie to be Sydney's second major hospital because, when he arrived in Sydney, he recognised the need for a new hospital. 

​All 93 members of the Legislative Assembly are elected at each general election from single-member electorates using optional preferential voting to terms of up to four years. ​The 42 Legislative Council members are elected for two terms (a maximum of eight years), with half elected at each general election. Elections for the Legislative Council are conducted on a state-wide, proportional representation method, using the single transferable vote system similar to that used for elections to the federal Senate.


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