By Greg Warren MP

20 June 2024

Mr GREG WARREN (Campbelltown) (16:46): I am delighted to thank and praise the many environmental volunteers and activists in my electorate of Campbelltown. We all know there is much growth going on in the electorate, and those people work night and day rescuing our wildlife. There are a number of organisations, and I want to acknowledge every one of them. Their volunteers are all appreciated. They generously give their time when they could otherwise be snuggled away in bed. Many of them are running around Kentlyn, Wedderburn and the Appin Road doing everything they can to save our wildlife, something that we cherish and embrace in the Campbelltown electorate and throughout south-west Sydney. We know that we are going through a growth period; we cannot do a lot about that. What we can do is support those who are doing such great work. I am delighted tonight to acknowledge and thank each and every one of them for all they do for our environment and habitat.