20 June 2024

Mr GREG WARREN (Campbelltown) (15:56): I am delighted to recognise the efforts of the Appin Men's Shed, which has recently completed its restoration of 100-year-old horse-drawn coal wagons. The wagons have been installed at the Appin Mine Memorial Garden alongside the Appin Mine Memorial, which was also built by the men of the Appin Men's Shed. That great bunch of blokes really do look after each other. They have great initiatives for men's mental health, particularly for men who are transitioning from working life into retirement. They also support so many other organisations in the Appin community, particularly Appin Public School. They make a whole raft of different things to sell and donate to charity, and their work is endless. They really are a part of the community and always warmly welcome me. I thank them for everything they do.